A Reflection on Social Media

Social Media

Isn’t it interesting how quickly a semester can go by? I feel like just yesterday I sat down in my Social Media class on the first day and listened to the professor explain our “Blog Project” that would last the entire semester. At the time, it felt like the project would last forever, with infinite blog topics to write about (in a good way, I was THRILLED to have consistent inspiration to blog about). But here we are, the last blog for class already.

Some of my friends thought a social media class seemed silly. I mean we are the generation that is growing up with social media, so many just assume we are the experts. But the average person has no idea how to read metrics or create a social media plan. Many don’t strategize their posts either and have no idea what the difference is between life-casting and mind-casting. Taking a social media class has helped give me an edge over many classmates of mine who do not have formal training in social media. Just like anything else, even if it comes naturally to you, you need to take the time to truly understand and master it.

The best part of taking a social media class, however, was the routine it established for me. Lately my blogs have been a little off (sorry guys, the end of the year gets a little hectic) but the habit of posting weekly is instilled in me now. I am much more conscious of how often I post on Twitter and am more likely to spread Tweets out, instead of retweeting 18 things at once.

If you asked me if I would recommend a social media class to someone, I absolutely would.  This class was one of the most practical classes I’ve taken, and it’s nice because I can utilize these skills right now with my own personal social media. So if you have the opportunity, take a social media class. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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