This Summer I’m Going to Hire Myself as My Own Intern


No, this isn’t a joke or just some obscure title. I’m really going to work for myself this summer.

As a design student, one magical word seems to circulate around our heads throughout our entire time in school: portfolio. You need both the physical copy and a website dedicated to your work and in a perfect world, every assignment should be “portfolio worthy.”

NEWS FLASH: I actually hate some of my work for my classes. And I would never, ever, want them in my portfolio.

I wish I was as excited as this guy is about his portfolio.

I wish I was as excited as this guy is about his portfolio.

Regardless of how hard our professors try to help us prepare everything, the truth is that most of my school work is not even close to my best work. And no, this does not reflect poorly on my work ethic or time management (they’re both quite great, if you ask me).

But what people tend to forget is that besides any given class, I’m in 5 others, all requiring equally as demanding work. I’m also a member of three honor societies, maintain three jobs and have held  two executive positions for organizations that I’m involved in. My grades are fantastic, I have a social life and even manage to sleep sometimes.

Now obviously, not everyone has that same schedule, but you get the point. I don’t have even a quarter of the time I wish I did to dedicate to my projects. I constantly have to compromise my best ideas because with all of the other thousand things I’m doing, I don’t have time to experiment and learn new techniques outside the classroom.

So this summer, instead of finding an internship with a company and continuing this pattern of being too busy for my own good, I’m going to actually take time for myself to transform into the designer I aspire to be. Instead of the slow-loading, sad-excuse for a website that currently is attached to my name (as seen here), I’m going to experiment with the code that I’ve always wanted to play with. I’m going to redesign my old work into what I wish it had been. I’m going to establish my brand.

And I’m going to pay myself with ice cream.


Have you ever experienced the same feelings? Have any tips for student designers? I would love to hear them. Comment below or tweet @SoMorganAshley.


5 thoughts on “This Summer I’m Going to Hire Myself as My Own Intern

      1. How funny! I’m almost the opposite. I started as just Graphic Design, but at my school that’s in the journalism department, so I found my passion for writing through that. It amazes me how much you learn about yourself these years in college.

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